to be fulfilled with

  • <Promise> to be fulfilled with <any>

Asserts that a promise is fulfilled with a specific value:

var promiseThatWillBeFulfilledWithAValue = new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
    setTimeout(function () {
    }, 1);
return expect(promiseThatWillBeFulfilledWithAValue, 'to be fulfilled with', 'abc');

The expected value will be matched against the value with to satisfy semantics, so you can pass any of the values supported by to satisfy:

return expect(Promise.resolve('abc'), 'to be fulfilled with', /b/);

You get a nice diff if the assertion fails:

return expect(Promise.resolve('abc'), 'to be fulfilled with', 'def');
expected Promise to be fulfilled with 'def'
expected 'abc' to equal 'def'